Games: Kids Inventions of Maker Faire in Rome

From the scientific divulgation on YouTube to emotional building: a series of projects

Among the hundreds of exhibitors at the Maker Faire in Rome, the games certainly lacked. Other than jogging: the children came across the stands, attracted by the most (apparently) simple constructions, up to banana keyboards, or the space of scientific experiments. Enchanted by the robotic, they continued to ask questions in front of some exhibitors who, coming from some European countries, knew only in English (not all parents translated).

“What is this?” Asks a child in front of the exhibitor. The beautiful thing is that exhibitors, in this case, can also be 17 years old. For example, students at Liceo Scientifico Ludovico Pepe of Ostuni show how to turn on a light bulb through a smartphone or tablet over a wireless network. They are the guys who have already participated in the Innovation Summer Camp and who, they say, make computer science instead of Latin. Among their projects is also a remote controlled car that can be driven by a simple remote control of the TV.

Arduino is present, and they already think, at the age of majority, to open a lab.

Designed by a 16-year-old Polish is Edur, a robot designed with Arduino, able to distinguish a black track on a white table that can also be controlled remotely. “My brother has been in the program since he was 10,” explains his sister, who has 22 and studies economics and English. “We believe that the best way to learn how to plan is to practice, so he designed it.

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