Get an old game, over twenty years ago, a wooden maze with a metal ball to maneuver with two knobs, but look at it with the eyes of four web students and interaction: minimal design and sophistication, a prominent sensor movement and new technologies to make it attractive to a toddler today. What does not change, between the old game and the Hart Studio Labyrinth, is the immediate fun and empathy that is created with the car.


“The problem in Italy is that this awareness is lacking for the people, even for our peers and institutions, and the press does not always inform the right one,” explains Amerigo Ievoli, insisting on how, in a sector such as the web and new technologies, you can grow quickly and well even from the bottom, “just have good ideas, commit to the maximum and believe it.” Helped by “a very developed aesthetic sense, typical of us Italians, who can make a difference in design,” comments Daniele Sauzzi, who is certainly the most attracted to the visual arts. On one thing, however, it is necessary to intervene according to the children, namely the school: the study of subjects such as interaction design “would give new generations the opportunity to know a highly developed sector and make it understand that technology is not just social network “continues Sauzzi. Echoes Marco Notarianni, according to which their path “follows a completely different conception of the way of studying and knowing a profession: we are not only books, but we grow above all through practice and experimentation.”

Hart Studio – web interaction is a serious game


Growth through Indiegogo’s crowdfunding, the development of Labyrinth in a social, more widespread and communication of projects: this, in short, will be Hart Studio’s 2015. “We will be focused on what we like: if this becomes a real job we are happy, but what really matters is knowing people, sharing, growing. And have fun, always.”


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