The idea of ​​the new brand of Bonifacio DNT Ltd. is born of the union of different patterns: a typographical character that, in addition to identifying the initials of the name (letter B), contains in a stylized manner and the imperceptible impact D, N and T; the iconography of the old company logo, the two lines that recall a narrow one and a passage; references to different elements that refer to the idea of ​​the sea, such as the waves.
The new logo is perfectly in line with the stylistic choices of the greatest international giants: essence and minimalism, simple lines to convey a complex and meaningful message.
It represents the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. It was the right meeting point to maintain a corporate, institutional and formal approach to

at the same time a soft, sinuous line that transmitted movement.
Blue is the synthesis of virtues such as: truth, intelligence, trust, constancy. Dark blue is the color of sea abysses and infinite space and represents knowledge, integrity, seriousness, depth, thickness, experience and stability. Blue is also the color of harmony and intellect.
A message that talks about change and understanding of the surrounding world, something that
it moves to the constant search for innovation that necessarily leads to the need to evolve and expand the brand in different markets and in different countries.