Heli, the project of our third year students of the Web & Interaction Design course, Daniele Martini, Daniele Sauzzi and Amerigo Ievoli, was selected by Think for Social of Vodafone Italia Foundation among the 10 national finalist proposals.

There are several ways to perceive the world and to communicate with it. In the era of infinite possibilities of communicating, Heli intends to improve the hearing of the hearing impaired. Unlike the past in which science was to discover, industry to apply and man to adapt, today thanks to new technologies we are faced with completely new scenarios where people are proposing, science to study and the technology that is tailored to find solutions to social needs. By doing this reverse, our students have examined Social Communication and Physical Ability in order to put in place a series of innovative tools to balance both social relationships and the ability to interact with the outside environment of the unborn.

The objective is therefore twofold: on the one hand, to improve communication with the normodotates and on the other to promote the perception of the world of sounds around them.

Think for Social is an initiative promoted by Fondazione Vodafone Italia, in technical collaboration with PoliHub, to support those projects that, using the new technologies, can provide innovative responses to social needs. In this edition of 428 proposals arrived, 20 projects were selected, which took part in the Innovation Weekend (28-29 May 2015) in Trento.

Of these 20 were selected 10 – including Heli – that from June to November will enter an acceleration program for the concrete development and financing of their enterprise.

Once again, Quasar Design University is proud of the excellent results achieved by its students!

Fonte (http://quasar.university/news/studenti-quasar-selezionati-da-think-for-social/)

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