Graduates in Web & amp; Interaction Design , Daniele Martini, Amerigo Ievoli and Daniele Sauzzi founded Hart Studio start up in Rome , funded by Vodafone Italia Foundation, where they develop 360 degree interactive projects.

With still unclear ideas on what to do from big, they participate in a Quasar Open Day . They immediately understand that they have found what they were looking for – a way in which they would learn to communicate creatively, without getting bogged down in too rigid rules.

Al Quasar has breathed immediately an atmosphere of great professionalism and we have known all possible fields of action: from graphic design to the production of digital and interactive content. And perhaps even more important, we learned to tell a story. “

With classes not overly crowded and direct contact with teachers, the three learn to work in teams, discovering that their individual characteristics are complementary. Thus initial curiosity becomes creative energy. In 2013, they participate in the Telecom Respect contest, on the rediscovery of more eco-friendly lifestyles. They make the video “ Energy is a heritage . The spot inspired by memories that live their own, almost eternal history, through the photographs, is ranked in the top ten. In 2014, they will be joining Labyrinth first at New York’s Maker Faire , where they will win the Best in Class prize, and then the Rome prize.

In 2015, at the Physical Computing (Arduino) workshop, they laid the foundation for Heli , the project that was submitted after the Think for Social contest, promoted by the Vodafone Italia Foundation, is chosen among the top 10 most innovative proposals, thus securing funding and inclusion in the startup acceleration program. What appears to be a limit can turn into a resource. Heli-Hearing Enhancement for Life Improvement is a prerequisite for this, and it gives the blind to the possibility of having a more immediate relationship with the world around them.

“Quasar has provided us with a good foundation, which today makes us independent professionals. Each of us begins to specialize in one’s own specific area – Daniele Sauzzi in visual communication, Amerigo Ievoli in programming, (software, app development) and Daniele Martini in the hardware part – this allows us to always have a complete vision of the project at the same time never miss the details. “

Once completed, they build Hart Studio start up in Rome working in the interaction design  field. For them, the secret of professional success is the combination of two elements: on the one hand, continuous updating of new technologies, on the other hand continuing to cultivate their own passions.

“We know that the most beautiful part is always the one that awaits us.”

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