We have made our work passionate, and with determination and commitment we choose to improve ourselves day by day. Federico Sbandi, director of the Digital Combat Academy where he runs social media and web analytics courses and Talent Garden Web Marketing Manager, in this article Daniele interviewed Hart Studio’s world.

Daniele Martini, Discovering Hart Studio’s Interaction Design

An innovative study path, a group of friends in the back, an ambitious business venture. Here is digital communication from an innovative angle

Interaction Design literally represents the design of interaction. Which interaction? The one between people and products, especially regarding digital products such as applications and web platforms. It is a broad definition, true, but equally wide is the discipline of which today we interview a young and talented exponent. Let’s talk about Daniele Martini, Interaction Designer for Hart Studio.

After an overseas experience Daniele returns to Italy in search of stimuli able to satisfy his basic interests. He decides to undertake an innovative academic career, embracing a field of study and work that involves movement, but also sound, aesthetics but also space. Interaction Design is this and much more.

As in many of the best professional stories, Daniele Martini knows his future members at the University. Here they articulate their common interests, develop a working understanding and give birth, together, an entrepreneurial project with full respect.

It is Hart Studio, an agency based in Rome that designs and manufactures 360 degree communication products. From web design to graphic design, and from web sites to applications through interactive installations, Hart Studio has worked with national and international companies

Young, Roman, capricious. We present Daniele Martini in the best way. Giving him the word.
Every professional career starts with training, whether public, private, or self-taught. Few people may know Interaction Design, and this interview can be a good idea to present it to a non-public audience. How did you come to this choice and what do you feel about being brought home from this formative experience?

“My college choice was very troubled. After high school I left for a year abroad and returned to Rome I attended a one-year Economics at Wisdom. It took a while before actually figuring out what I wanted to do. When, finally, I found the most suitable course for me (Interaction Design) I went to a safe shot because there was not much choice between the Roman universities.

Of course, things have changed very much now and only in Rome there are several universities with courses of study similar to mine. I think I’ve been able to find what I like because I have experienced many courses / work before I choose. The most important thing I learned during my course of study is that this material goes hand in hand with technological development and needs to be constantly updated. There is no time to say ‘stop’ in research and study.”

In September 2014 begins the adventure that acts as a rouge of the whole interview. It’s the beginning of your experience at Hart Studio Srl. How does this innovative communication reality come from and what does it do?

“Hart Studio was born some time before, during the second year of college and with the end of studies it has become a reality. We started developing the first projects in the academic field and tested ourselves to see if we could be market-friendly and productive.

If I had to choose a word to define what we would probably say ‘communication’ and specifically we work in three macroaree: web development and application, production and video editing, interactive installations. Each of these products has for the most part a precise purpose, that of communicating a message, meeting a need or solving a problem that a company may have. We place ourselves between the customer and this need when proposing when the ideas are unclear, the best solution. ”

Raising the rod in the field of digital communication has a very precise meaning. It means working with more and more important customers, and accepting ever greater responsibilities. What is the most challenging communication project that you and your partners have faced with Hart Studio?

“Last Christmas we have made for a large cosmetics company a hundred showcases for their outlets around Italy. Work began about 6 months ago with the development of two prototypes that once approved were made in large quantities, delivered at stores and finally installed before Christmas holidays. It was a very long and stressful job but the satisfaction was so much. ”

The past is over, and doing business means having a clear vision for the coming days. What are the goals of Hart Studio here for the next 5 years and what do you see for your specific future?

“Our main goal and my personal business is to grow as a company and to become an excellence in the Italian market. It is not easy in Italy and in this particular moment, but we are optimistic and we want to believe it.”

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